Co-Curricular Activities

Session on Introduction to Data Science using Tibco Statistica Tool

Resource Person: Mr. Keshav Bhardwaj, Mr. Rushikesh Gaikwad, TCS

Training on “Robotics & Automation”

Resource Person: TAL &Robotics & Automation club

Session on Microsoft certification in Data Science and Data Analytics using Python

Resource Person: Mr. Sandeep Jethani, ATS Infotech Pvt Ltd.

Training on “Communication Skill”

Resource Person: Silver tongued club

Dive Coding- Hands on C Programming

Resource Person: Computer Faculties from department

Training on “C Programming”

Resource Person: Mr. Pradeep Shinde

Seminar on “Reverse Engineering (Design)”

Resource Person: Mr. Deepk Soni, Executive Director, Spinta Solutions, Pune

Seminar on “Scope of Mechanical Design using various software in Mechanical Industry”

Resource Person: Mr. Kishor Lekurwale, Expert from CADD Centre.

A workshop on “Health and Happiness”

Resource Person: Mr. Gyanprakash & Mr. Rahul

A workshop on “ROBOEXIBIA” exhibition of Humanoid Robot, Robotic arms, 3D Printers, Drones.

Resource Person: Director Vinay Kunwar, India First Robotics, Pune

Workshop on Python Programming

Resource Person: Prof. Kushal Khairnar

Motivational Session by YIN and Rotract Club

Resource Person: Ms. Sheetal , Sakal


Co-curricular activities help in realization of aims and objectives of education. There are many characteristics of co-curricular activities, which directly or indirectly help the classroom teaching of students. Co-curricular activities supplement and complement the entire teaching-learning process and effectively impact student earning outcomes. Participating in such activities helps to grow individually, socially, and mentally. It is not only the duty of the teachers but also the parents, to encourage their children to participate in such programs, wholeheartedly. Parents need to understand that though these voluntary activities are not scholastic, they help in the overall social development of the candidate by helping unlock their hidden extra-scholastic potentials. “Co-curricular activities may be defined as the activities undertaken to strengthen the classroom learning as well as other activities both inside and outside the classroom to develop the personality of the candidate”. Parental support and involvement is necessary to helping children build and sustain interest in the activities.

Benifits of Co-curricular Activities

  1. In the practical life, the students able to express their ideas freely due to active participation in debate and project based learning. Discussion also helps in generating ideas and inculcating values.
  2. Games and Exercise makes them mentally and physically fit and sound. Games make them learn how to perform while losing or wining an event. Activity such as Yoga that involves physical action does help to keep the body fit and healthy.
  3. The candidate can identify and pick his area of interest from the wide range of opportunities available.
  4. They help candidates to understand the importance of being associated with a group, if they participate in a group activity. The importance of teamwork is a well understood phenomenon in today’s scenario.
  5. Co-curricular activities also have a social aspect that is increasingly important for the growth and development of students. In most cases, these activities give good exposure in which students interact with their peers and bond over a shared activity or interest.