GFM is a guardian faculty member of a particular class who plays important role in mentoring of students, monitoring their attendance, preparation of monthly attendance.GFM also acts as mediator between institute and parents. In each department there is a program coordinator under whom, according to specialization, modules are formed. Each module is coordinated by module coordinator. For a particular course one faculty is appointed as course coordinator. Course coordinator along with other subject teacher prepares teaching plan, practical plan, unit wise question bank, MCQs, assignments of respective subjects. One of the advantages of implementing the multi monitoring system in an institute is that it leads to an efficient exchange of information. Departments work in coordination to solve the issues. Efficient lines of communication enhance productivity and allow for quick decision-making. Heads are involved in the day-to-day operations, which allow them to make decisions through the viewpoint of subordinates. This system helps in overall development, achievement of students which is beneficial for growth of the institute.


  • To acclimatize the new students to the campus life in RSCOE
  • To provide academic counseling
  • To enlighten the students on professional ethics and conduct
  • To ease the trauma of transfer to a new place
  • To communicate with the ward’s parents
  • Providing emotional support to students on individual basis
  • Helping students overcome home sickness
  • Establishing rapport between teachers, student & parents.
  • Monitoring attendance and behavioral aspects of every student.
  • Identifying weak areas and working out remedies helping students thereby taking their complete care.


  • One teacher is nominated as ‘Teacher Guardian’ for fifteen students
  • Teacher Guardian maintains all records of students in formats provided
  • Teacher Guardian does all the follow up regarding attendance of students under his supervision
  • Teacher guardian monitors academic performance of students
  • If student remains absent for continuous three lectures, then teacher guardian sends note to all concerned teachers to stop the practical of that student
  • Teacher guardian sends letters regarding performance and attendance to parents every month
  • Poor performance of students is improved by way of counseling.
  • If required teacher guardian calls the parents on phone on the basis of weekly monitoring
  • Teacher guardian does counseling about studies

Purpose and Benefits

  • To ensure availability of support and guidance to students for students development and resolving their problems.
  • To ensure holistic development of student.
  • Create point of contact for students and their parents for any information and queries.
  • Improves communication between students and mentor for academic excellence, stress management and time management.
  • Academic Performance Monitoring.
  • Career and self-awareness among students.
  • Understanding students’ academic and social problems well in advance.