Innovative Practices by faculty in Teaching & Learning

Innovative Practices
Sr.No. Name of Faculty YouTube Link
1 Aabid Mulla

Topic- Production of rotating Magnetic field in 3 phase induction Motor

2 Manjusha Kanawade
Subject - Analog and Digital Circuit

Topic-Ring Counter & twisted ring counter

Topic-Op-amp as Schmiit Trigger

Topic- Op-amp Triangulaver wave

Subject- Electrical Installation, Maintenance and Testing

Topic - Measurement of Dielectric Absorption Ratio and Polarization Index of insulation -

Topic - Estimation of 11 KV Feeder & Substation -

Topic - Study trouble shooting of electrical equipment based on actual visit to repair workshop - Transformers -

Topic - Study of thermograph images and analysis based on these images -

Topic - Study the various types of earthing for electrical appliances -

Topic - Single Line diagram of 132 or 220 or 400 kV substation (based on actual field visit) -

3 Rashmi A.Panherkar

1. Brake Test on DC Shunt motor

2. 1 phase full wave controlled rectifier with RL Load

3. 1 phase Uncontrolled Rectifier with full wave bridge rectifier with resistive load

4. Load Test on 3 Phase Induction Motor

5. 1 phse uncontrolled rectifier with full wave bridge rectifier with resistive- load

6. 3 phase squirrel cage induction motor by no load and blocked rotor test.

Faculty Name : Manjusha Kanawade
Virtual Power System Analysis Lab-

Faculty Name : Rahul Ankushe
Lesson taught on MATLAB - subject Control System for Better Understanding.