Google Developer Student Club

About GDSC:

JSPM provides students a vibrant academic experience that adheres to stringent international quality standards, imbibes life skills among its students, and prepares them to take up competitive careers and be successful in life. Through IEEE, JSPM prepares dynamic students, personally and professionally, to take up future leadership roles in a global setting


  1. Dhananjay Satanure (GDSC Lead)
  2. Simran Taneja (Co-Lead)
  3. Suyog Mahajan (Android Lead)
  4. Piyush Bhangale (Cloud Lead)
  5. Komal Patil (AI & ML Lead)
  6. Abhishek Dhanke (Web Development Lead)
  7. Siddhi Sattur (Blockchain Lead)
  8. Shruti Pagade (Content Development Lead)
  9. Pranav Ghabade (PR & Marketing Lead)
  10. Sachin Dugude (Operations Lead)

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