Research Environment & Support

Research is the foundation of a nation's economic growth. In order to keep pace with expanding frontiers of knowledge and global developments, the Internal Research Committee is instituted. IRC comprises prominent educationists, industry representatives of national and international repute for fostering overall growth. The committee monitors and reviews research performance, ensuring congruence among various departments, and to facilitate multidisciplinary research work.

Institute Research Committee
Sr. No Name Of The Member Committee Designation Designation And Organization
1 Dr. R. K. Jain Chairman Director, RSCOE, Pune
2 Dr. J. A. Hole Member Secretary Professor & Dean (R&D), RSCOE
3 Prof. A. S. Devasthali Member Vice Principal, RSCOE, Pune
4 Dr. Gajanan Sabnis Academic Advisory Member Emeritus Professor, Harvard University, USA
5 Dr. Ashish Verma Academic Advisory Member Professor, IISC Bengaluru
6 Dr. Jitendra Prasad Academic Advisory Member Professor, IIT Ropar
7 Dr. Zaveri Mukesh Academic Advisory Member Professor, NIT Surat
8 Dr. Vinayak Trivedi Academic Advisory Member Bentley Systems
9 Dr. Bimlesh Wadhva Academic Advisory Member Professor, School of Computing, NUS, Singapore
10 Dr. R. B. Joshi Member Dean (Academics)
11 Dr. A. M. Badadhe Member HOD Automation & Robotics, RSCOE, Pune
12 Dr. S. N. Khan Member HOD Mechanical, RSCOE, Pune
13 Dr. Nihar Ranjan Member HOD IT, RSCOE, Pune
14 Dr. S. C. Wagaj Member HOD (E&TC), RSCOE, Pune
15 Prof. S. L. Chavan Member HOD Electrical Engineering, RSCOE
16 Dr. Ajit Patil Member HOD Civil, RSCOE, Pune
17 Prof. S. V. Kedar Member HOD Computer Engineering, RSCOE, Pune
18 Dr. S. M. Yadav Member HOD Engg. Sc., RSCOE, Pune
19 Dr. Ameya Choudhary Dr. S. M. Yadav Member HOD MBA, RSCOE, Pune
20 Dr. Mrs. S. C. Patil Member Professor, RSCOE, Pune
21 Dr. S. S. Shahpure Member Professor, RSCOE, Pune
22 Dr. N. S. Mujumdar Member Professor, RSCOE, Pune
23 Dr. Mrs. S. A.Bhisikar Member Associate Professor,RSCOE,Pune