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List of Patents Filed- Computer Department

Sr. No Title Applicants / Inventors Patent number Date of publication
1 Pre and Post Accident preventing device Mr. Pawar Kunal Kalyanrao Mr. Kumavat Mohit Dilip Prof. Santosh B. Javheri Application No. 201821003798
2 Laptop with safety storage Prof. Amruta Hingmire Prof. Sinju Saliya Application No. 201721044512 09/02/2018
3 Car Alert System Mr. Chandan Bhole Mr. Shekhar Kolte Mr. Omkar Jadhav Mr. Ravindra Pawar Prof. G. D. Upadhye Application No. 201821004209
4 System and method for predicting human emotional state. Prof. Seema V. Kedar Application No. 201721028401 15/09/17
5 Secure Smart Wallet Ms. Sumita Sarade Ms. Shruti Rajput Ms. Megha Nair Ms. Vidya Sejal Prof. Seema Kedar Application No. 201721031015 15/09/17
6 R2S2 secure smart helmet Mr. Rahul Chanda Mr. Soham Ingole Ms. Ruchita Itware Ms. Sejal Kherodkar Prof. Seema Kedar Application No. 201721032913
7 USB to USB (UTU) Wireless connect Flash drive. Mr. Mohit Kumavat Ms. Aishwarya Kulkarni Prof. S. T. Pirjade Application No. 201721032736 29/09/2017
8 Umbrella With Swiveling Handle and Lifting Plastic Fiber Mechanism with LED's Prof. S.V. Kedar Prof. S. P. Pattanaik Mr. Akash Sharma Application No. 201721034493
9 Safety Band Prof. S.V. Kedar Prof. V. A. Kotkar Prof. A. L. Golande Application No. 201721034495
10 Copyright: Healthy People Handwriting Samples Database Prof. S.V. Kedar Dairy No.: 201721028401
11 Improved smart shopping cart using client-server Prof. R.A. Deshmukh Ms. Kirange Rupali Mr. Kolte Om Ms. Kamble B. Application No. 201721034485 13/10/2017
12 Dual Storage Emergency Battery With Multiple Features Prof. K. P. Moholkar Ms. Purva Padamwar Mr. Talat Sayyeda Mr. AshutoshShinde Ms. Gauri Pawar Application No. 201721034484 13/10/17
13 Disease Identification Of Leaves Using Image Processing and Advisory Treatment System Prof. J. P. Kshirsagar Ms. Geetanjali Bhadsage Application No. 201721034487
14 Brain Image Visualization Prof. N. V. Kimmatkar Mr. Anson Antony Mr. Sahil Bhirud Mr. Abhishek Raj Application No. 201721034696 24/11/2017
15 Improved Black Board Prof. R.T. Umbare Mr. Pisal Omkar Ravikumar Application No. 201721034494
16 Intelligent light sensing backlcut keyboard and display Prof. V. M. Barkade Mr. Joshi Urmik Mr. Borse Sachin Mr. Biche Jay Mr. Ashutosh Khetmalis Application No. 201721034463
17 Intelligent Approach Driving License Mr. Praful Pawar Mrs. S. S. Mirajkar Mrs. S. R. Kakade Application no. 201721035120
18 Full Equipped Ruler Scale Mrs. S. R. Kakade Mrs. S. S. Mirajkar Mrs. V. D. Shinde Mr. Kumar Adarsh Application no. 201721035119 14/11/2017
19 Design and implementation of position aware congestion control system in wireless sensor networks Dr. Ali Akbar Bagwan Application No. 201721020691 30/06/2017
20 Advance Speed Control System using Wireless Communication Prof. Seema V. Kedar 201521017763 A 01/07/16
21 System and Method for predicting Heart Disease Risk Factors Prof. Seema V. Kedar 2913/MUM/2015 18/09/15
22 System for automated monitoring and controlling of unauthorized settlement in urban areas using remote sensing Prof. Chandrama G. Thorat 3171/MUM/2015 11/09/15
23 Reliable data collection using Tour strategy with Adaptive Data Collector Nodes (ADCN) in Wireless sensor network. Dr. A. B. Bagwan 201621026074 10/06/16
24 A Petrol/Diesel filling technology in Automobiles with visible quantity and color of fuel to the customers Ms. Ankita Nagarkar 702/MUM/2015 10/04/2015
25 An Advanced Device for rapid, safe and eye irritation free onion cutting Ms. Ankita Nagarkar 2631/MUM/2015 31/07/2015
26 Equipment with hand operated brakes based on hemispherical vessel for sliding down by gravitational force from high altitude to low altitude without use of artificial energy. Ms. Ankita Nagarkar 2699/MUM/2015 02/10/2015
27 Improved dish antenna for television Ms. Ankita Nagarkar 201621016712 17/06/2016
28 Portable mobile phone charger working on wind pressure during travelling Ms. Ankita Nagarkar 201621035573 28/10/2016
29 Biometric based dynamic password allocator Ms. Nidhi Chavan and Ms. Pinakini Sawant 201621024049 19/08/2016

Patent Publication- Computer Department

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