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JSPM'S Rajarshi Shahu College of Engineering

( An Autonomous Institute Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University,
Approved by AICTE, Accredited by NBA (UG Program), Accredited by NAAC With "A"(3.26) Grade)

Department of Engineering Sciences

Engineering Sciences


To satisfy the aspirations of youth force who want to lead the nation towards prosperity through techno economic development.

Mission To provide, nurture and maintain an environment of high academic excellence, research and entrepreneurship for all aspiring students which will prepare them to face global challenges maintaining high ethical and moral standards.

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From the HOD's Desk

The Department of Engineering Sciences was established in the year 2000-2001 with an objective to provide quality education to students. Sanctioned intake of students is 720 with Six branches Mechanical, Electronics & Telecommunication, Civil, Computer, Information Technology and Electrical Engineering . Department became role model due to its consistency in academic performance in the form of excellent results which are always in first five amongst the colleges in university of Pune. Multimonitoring system is followed including Head of department, Departmental academic coordinator, Guardian faculty member. Well qualified, experienced, full time dedicated faculty members are allotted for first year. First Year Department have unique association as FESA(First Engineering Student association) which provides platform for various co-curricular and extra curricular activities.

Head, Department of Engineering Science

Prof. Devasthali Avinash Shripad

Vice Principal, Professor
M. Sc. M.Ed.

Dr. Mujumdar Nitin Sudhakar

M. Sc. ,M.Phil., Ph. D.

Dr. (Mrs) Yadav Sunita M.

M. Sc. Ph. D.

Dr. (Mrs) Tomar Preeti Anil

Associate Professor
M. Sc. Ph. D.

Dr. (Mrs) Desai Sarika Vijay

Assistant Professor
M. Sc. Ph. D.

Mr. Bhagwat Rohit Deepak

Assistant Professor
M.Sc., NET, M.Phil., Ph.D.( Pursuing)

Mr. Ghotkar Mahesh Vishwambhar.

Assistant Professor

Mr. Badadhe Sunita Milind

Assistant Professor
M.Sc. ,M.Phil.

Mr. Gadekar Balasaheb B.

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Jahagirdar Anagha A.

Assistant Professor

Mr. Talekar Rajesh Govind

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Khairnar Rupali S.

Assistant Professor

Mr. Patil Amol Vijay

Assistant Professor
M.Sc B.Ed . Ph.D (pursing)

Dr. Gangadhara Aryani B.

Assistant Professor
M. Sc. B.Ed.,Ph.D,SET

Mrs. Khairnar Bhavna K.

Assistant Professor

Mr. Labade Sachin C.

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Bhalekar Yogita S.

Assistant Professor

Ms. Bhamare Jagruti S.

Assistant Professor

Mr. Kishor bhaldand

Assistant Professor

Mr. Amol Dhole

Assistant Professor

About Laboratories


List of Events

Sr.No. Name of the Event Description Photo
1 “Tech Innovation Challenge” Competition 2019 organized by well-known organization Barclay’s. First Year B.Tech team has participated in “Tech Innovation Challenge” Competition 2019 organized by well-known organization Barclay’s. The idea that they have presented was on topic “Clean Rivers”. Judges and organizers has appreciated the team for their very innovative idea. It was a great learning experience for the students as they have got selected in top 5 teams for finale out of 38 teams based on their performance in semi-final. Winning team members are Divya Dhore, Saurabh Garje,Esha Haldar, Preet Vartak, Satwik Marjiwe.
2 “WINGS” – a National Level Drone Event was organized by Government College of Engineering, Aurnagabad. "“WINGS” – a National Level Drone Event was organized by Government College of Engineering, Auranagabad. Around 200 teams from all over India participated in this competition. The team from JSPMs RSCOE, Tathawde, Pune, named “Team Curiosity” won second prize in this challenging competition. Team was awarded with trophy and cash prize worth Rs.15000. Bajrang Patil, PathmeshWakade, Mayur Pawar, Soham Shinde were the team members of “ Curiosity”. All 4 team members were from F. Y. B.Tech. "
3 A guest lecture on “Introduction to Biomedical Engineering” was held on 22nd November 2019. "A guest lecture on “Introduction to Biomedical Engineering” was held on 22nd November 2019. The guest lecture has been organized by the department of Engineering Science under Basic electronics & Biomedical Engg. Subject to provide the students with an opportunity to get a head start in Biomedical, which is an emerging technology in the field of Engineering. Prof. P. P. Hamber & Dr. B. R. Mardikar resource person to deliver the lecture. Prof. P.P.Hamber is a resourceful social person worked in Educational area since last 23 years. Dr. B.R. Mardikar is a specialized person in Electrocardiography."
4 Student Induction Program- Familiarization of Institute "It helps new students adjust and feels comfortable in the new environment, inculcates in them the ethos and culture of the institution, helps them build bonds with other students and faculty members, and expose them to a sense of larger purpose and self exploration. Following activities were conducted during Induction Programme: "
5 Carrier Guidance by TPO : Mr. S. P. RaoBorde "Mr. S. P. RaoBorde guided students regarding preparations for placements right from F. Y. B. Tech. He has given information about:
1. Training on Aptitude skills, soft skills, technical skills
2. Preparing students for interview preparation
3. Counseling of students
4. Mock interview training
5. Mock online test
6. Counseling on Competitive exams, GATE.
7. Group Discussion preparation
He has also told in his talk that “It is a matter of great pleasure for the institute to take this opportunity to invite potential companies to experience and evaluate the dexterities, competency, skills and talent of our students and absorb them into their esteemed organizations.”
He has also given placement statistics. "
6 YOGA Yoga session was taken by Mr. Jagtap who is Member of Patanjali sansthan with Pragya Yagya. Initially they have taken warm-up activities. After that different types of yogasana was taken like Surya-namaskar, Meditation, pranayam, anulom–vilom etc. They have shown different Basic Postures like sirsasana, bhujangasana, dhanurasana and so on. Mr.Jagtap told us about importance of Dhyana Mudra. His team has discussed about importance of naturopathy. He told us that Naturopathy seeks to use the natural healing powers of the body to cure itself. It focusses on treating the cause of a disease rather than the symptoms themselves.
7 Profiling Survey Profile survey is a questionnaire which aims to identify the demographic data points of students and to check if they satisfy all the required checklists for their development. Tutor has given example as, A high end women’s fashion clothing company wants to find out what are the opinions of the general population about their clothing products? A Profile survey will play an important role here to find out the right audience that can give the company valuable information. Answering questions like gender, age, household income, interests will enable to shortlist only those respondents who represent the company’s target market.
8 Dive Coding- Hands on C Programming "The main objective of the program was to impart basic knowledge of C programming to first year students. Theory session was conducted by Prof. Anuja Zade in E&TC Seminar hall.
Hands on practice session were conducted by Prof. Y.C. Khairnar, Prof. S.G. Mahajan , Prof. P.G. Ambhore , Prof. P.Jain in Civil Computer Lab. In Theory session the following technical points were covered---
1. Introduction to Computer and
2. Control structure
3. Array
Hands on Practice conducted in Civil computer lab for 1-60 students and 61-120. The following Basic programs were covered :
1. Average of 5 subject marks.
2. Addition of two numbers.
3. Find even and odd numbers.
4. Find greatest number among three numbers
. 5. Addition of all number present in between 1 to 20.
6. Calculate number of digits in any integer. "
9 Session on “Patent” : Dr. Mrs. S. C. Patil "Dr. Patil has given following information in session:
Research Centre at RSCOE is established in 2011-12.There are total 36 students enrolled at the center and seven have successfully defended the thesis. Two students have submitted thesis.
She has also covered What is Patent? How to file it? Basics of patent and related information.
She also informed students :
Following research facilities to motivate the students and research scholars within the campus for 24 X 7.
Digital library with international and national books and journals Research laboratory Advanced equipment, high end data systems, mathematical and analytical software for VLSI and Signal and Image processing High speed internet facility with Wi-Fi Access to plagiarism software Residential facility as per requirement Expert lectures by eminent faculty members, industry expert"
10 Brain Drill "1.Session was started by Mr.Pawan Narniya with squaring of large numbers and its roots. In this session sir has given simple technique to solve questions easily and save time.
2. Session was started with cube of large numbers and its roots. In this session sir has explained simple technique to solve questions easily .He has also discussed about BODMAS rule .
3. The session was on fundamentals of LCM & HCF. The main objective of the session was
to clear the basic difference between the two terms and to use different examples of the same.The methods used were more effective in handling the general mathematics in their core subjects.
4. The session was on Divisibility rules of numbers. The main objective was to make them Familiar with all the rules of divisibility and its application in various areas of mathematics.
5. The session was focused on percentage and its applications. Percentage is a basic tool in Arithmetic which is used to solve the problems, conversion of fraction to percentage and problems based on increase, decrease and successive percentage were covered during the session.
6. The last session was a recap of all the points covered during all the sessions. Based on that small test was conducted "
11 Industrial Visit at “Rakesh Transformers”, Bhosari MIDC, Pune. Students visited to “Rakesh Transformers, Pune”, on 09th August 2019. Visit is organized to create strong foundation for core area of Transformers and develop practical approach in the area of transformers. Ninty Five students of Rakesh Transformers has visited along with faclty coordinators, Mr. Kushal Lodha, Mrs. B. R. Thawali, Mr. Yogesh Jadhav, Mr. Amol Dhole. This visit has enabled the students to demonstrate the basic knowledge of Transformers. Student has understood construction and working principle of Transformer. Students have also understood different high voltage testing’s of transformer.
12 Proficiency Module I to VI "Proficiency Module was divided into 6 sessions. Main objective of this module was to groom overall development of student. Module wise topics were
I : Job and Career Awareness
II: Self Orientation
III: Anxiety and Mental Health (Stress Management)
IV: Social and Conversational Communication
V: Professionalism and Ethics for Students
VI: Goal Setting and Orientation to PLP.
All students has actively participated in all activities and enjoyed it a lot. "
13 Tinkering Module of Project Based Learning "Tinkering activity was conducted in two sessions as mentioned above. Mr. Yogesh Jadhav from First Year Mechanical Engineering department took this activity for Group E. Main objective of session is to give introduction of ‘Project Based Learning’ subject. Tinkering means attempt to repair anything in casual or desultory way. This module was mainly focused on ‘Out of box Thinking’, ‘Critical Thinking and Logical Problem Solving’ etc. Skills and abilities required for students to work effectively in 21st century are discussed. Detail schedule of PBL is also discussed.
Some real life examples are given to explain how to Apply science and mathematical principles to solve problems and Adapt to technologies to solve problems. Main objectives of PBL are to Develop an ability to function in multidisciplinary team and communicate effectively and to Develop an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility. Example of Plastic Bag was discussed to explain the impact of engineering solutions in society. Some basic projects like ‘Tank filling Project’ and ‘Bridge Checking Sensor Project’ is elaborated in order to explain ‘Engineering Design Process’.
To share experience of Self learning, two teams, Team Dhruv and Tam Cipher, were invited. Concept of RC car and its competitions was "
14 "Pune Darshan " "An Pune Darshan visit for Group E of Entc students was organized on 17-08-2019. Buses for the plant started at around 10.00 am and returned around 1.30 pm. They were accompanied by first year teachers Prof Mrs. N. R. Saravade, Prof Mr Y. G Jadhav, Prof. A. R. Dhole
Total 64 students visited the site , Visit started with blessings of Lord Ganesha in Saras Baag after which Students climbed Parvati. Students enjoyed the visit a lot. "
15 Webinar for faculty and Students on “Human Values and Professional Ethics Part-1” organized by Department of Engineering Sciences on 06/06/2020 Department of Engineering sciences has organized a webinar on “Human Values and Professional Ethics Part-1” on 06/06/2020 for faculty and students.
The keynote speaker for this webinar is Dr. Mamta Sharma, Associate Professor, Hindustan College of Science & Technology, Farah, Mathura.
16 Webinar for faculty and Students on “Human Values and Professional Ethics Part-2” organized by Department of Engineering Sciences on 09/06/2020 Department of Engineering sciences has organized a webinar on “Human Values and Professional Ethics Part-2” on 09/06/2020 for faculty and students.
The keynote speaker for this webinar is Mr. Shekhar Kamble, General Manager Human Resources, Regional HR Head TCS - Pune & GoaPracticing HR professional with 21 years of experience across different geographies.

Student Achivements


UG Courses

Sr.No. Course Name Download
1B.Tech Course structure 2020-21
2F.Y B.Tech Syllabus 2020-21

Student's Association


1. To organize the social, cultural and educational programs for the FE students of the College.
2. To eliminate the fear from the minds of the students by organizing different cultural activities for the FE students.
3. To encourage every student to disclose his/her ideas into the target language by conducting different activities.
4. To organize different technical and non technical guest/expert lectures for the betterment of FE students.


1. Able to develop their event management skills, leadership skills and other qualities required for their overall growth.
2. Able to develop them with current technologies or current affairs through the guest/expert lectures.
3. The basic foundation of students is developed by the various activities conducted under FESA.

Members of FESA 2017-18

1. Faculty Coordinators: Mr. Rahul G. Jain, Ms. Monika Mane
2. General Secretary (GS): Mr. Nishad Ashtankar (Division-K)
3. Co General Secretary (Co GS): Ms. Siddhi Shingote (Division-G)
4. Treasurer : Mr. Abhishek Marathe (Division-E)

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Dr. S. M. Yadav
Prof. S.G. Mahajan
Website Coordinator Admission Coordinator
Prof. P. G. Ambhore
Prof. M. V. Ghotkar

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