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( An Autonomous Institute Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University,
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Final Evaluation

Performance Monitoring

The Institute’s academic committee monitors the performance of the students continuously and communicates the progress to the parents through GFM of the class. Student academic performance is observed by the following methods:

1. Continuous internal assessment (formative and summative) is carried out for each course. Performance in internal assessment is used as feedback to improve academic progress. Based on the performance in internal assessment, remedial actions are taken for slow learners by the faculty teaching the course. The actions/strategies are decided and implemented at department level.
Formative and summative examinations are also conducted by the university.

2. The result analysis of the university examinations is carried out and the remedial actions are decided if required.

3. The progress of the students is regularly communicated to parents through phone calls, sms and letters. The results are displayed on the department notice board. Parent-teacher meet is also conducted to communicate the overall progress of the student.

4. Every month attendance list for all subjects are prepared and communicated to students.
The University conducts online examinations for FE and SE and In Semester examination for TE and BE. In addition, institute also conducts internal tests, mock practical and oral examination to evaluate and monitor the performance of students.

Final Evaluation

Institute is affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) and follows the examination scheme given by SPPU. For First Year Engineering (FE) and Second Year Engineering (SE) university conducts three type of evaluation as follows;
       1. Online Examination in between semester of 50 marks
       2. Practical and Oral Examination
       3. End Semester Theory Examination of 50 marks

For Third Year Engineering (TE) and Forth Year Engineering (BE) university conducts three type of evaluation as follows;
       1. InSemester Examination of 30 Marks
       2. Practical and Oral Examination
       3. End Semester Theory Examination of 70 marks

As per SPPU for Forth Year Engineering (BE) there is Final Year Project, on which student has to work throughout year.

All evaluation of above examination done by SPPU/ Panel allocated by SPPU. The evaluation is a grade/marks report sent from the University to the student’s.

The Institute and individual teachers use assessment/evaluation outcomes as an indicator for evaluating student performance, achievement of learning objectives and planning. From the assessment and evaluation process, the teacher becomes aware about the students understanding of course and his ability to apply the related knowledge in solving real life problems. Following are the indicators for evaluating student performance.

1. The attendance of student for a course and his sincerity in submitting the assignments and given tasks are indicators of his understanding.

2. Results of various internal tests give glimpse of attainment of his learning outcomes and his level of understanding. Slow learners are identified and extra classes are conducted.

3. Internal and university results depict the overall attainment of learning outcomes.

4. Institute also uses placement record as indicator of student’s performance. This data is used to grade the students understanding level, capabilities and knowledge. Institute/individual teachers use assessment/evaluation outcomes for better planning, enrichment of teaching materials and methods.

5. ICT tool such as lecture capture, virtual classroom, virtual labs, Moodle, Inpods, Google drives and different teaching pedagogy are deployed by the institution to enhance student learning.


Semester Practical Examination is conducted in the college on the scheduled dates given by the university. Semester marks for practical examination vary depending on the total marks of the subject.


Projects help in the technical and practical analysis of the student. Assessment of Project is essential to check the knowledge level along with the level of confidence used by the student to display his technical skills. 


A student spends his most crucial time of building up of academic career in the organization. It’s of utmost concern to keep a continuous track of his/her performance throughout the semesters. Assessment of his performance is a regular procedure that takes place on a routine basis in fortnightly examination, cumulative fortnightly examination, assignments, semester-end examination projects. Based on the assessment of his performance it becomes necessary for the action to be taken for or against him. If he shows good performance he/she shall be awarded suitably, on the other hand if he/ she shows constant poor performance action is taken against him/her. The parents/guardians are informed & also warning is being given to the student to rectify & improve the performance.

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